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Based on the research that you’ve done for your doctorate (or otherwise), what might you want to share with pastors taking their first class in Christian Education?

These students basically have a high school education and a license to preach and are actively serving churches under appointments. One of them is even a D.S.

Remember my context is Africa, mostly rural Uganda with churches from 15 to 150 in attendance. All of them (D.S. included) are tentmakers, having to have either a business or secular employment to feed their family and serve as volunteers at their churches.

The assignment I am giving my class is that they need to design a program for Christian education in the local church that applies to their particular context, where they are presently serving.

So, they will have exposure to multiple definitions of Christian Education and pedagogical disciplines. They need to pick what they think works for them in their context and defend why they have made the choices they have.

I thought I might include what you researched in that mix if you wanted to share it.

Preparing stuff that can only be communicated with the students by printing it and them reading it, with no feedback on whether or not they are getting anything out of the reading until the final exam (or in my case project), is tougher than you might think.

But, right now we don’t have the option to meet in person. And our students aren’t connected online, so we can’t even meet with them by Zoom. It’s 19th century methodology.

In terms of what works, it has to be something that can be sent digitally, printed, arranged into a packet of information, and the distributed with no follow-up or feedback.

It also has to be fairly brief.

Sincerely, Gene


This will be interesting!
I think that lessons as a blog post would work, and be digitally accessible.
They print up nicely as well!

THE FIRST LESSON IN THE SEQUENCE OF FOUR (2 posts per lesson) is here:

– Dave

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