July Homework – Week 3

July Homework – Week 3
__ General Editing.
__ Recast as an email followed by discussion.
__ Expand on items.
__ Include church discussion.

Please join me in making disciples:
F is for following.
F is for fishing … learning how to fish.
F is for fellowship … gathering people together to love one another.
I … is for Interesting. What do people find interesting?
I … is for Ideas. The best ideas from directly from Jesus. The letters in red.
I … is for Instructions. Our task is to obey the instructions, the commands of Jesus, and teach them to others.
S … is for sanctifying. Go through the rite of passage, Going on to perfection.
S … is for serving. Job, Volunteer, and Neighborhood.
S … is for submitting to the setting. What is needed here?

Email Quote

24-Jul-2022 Homework- Week 3 The Orphanage.

Reading #3. Parable: The Orphanage. (http://disciplewalk.com/parable_Orphanage_M.html)
The young couple looked with adoration upon their first child, a little boy.
“You are so beautiful,” they cooed.
They looked up from their baby to the lifestyle to which they had become accustomed. Two high paying jobs and exciting, demanding careers. A very expensive home and two brand new Porsche sports cars. Vacations in Cancun, Broadway plays and season tickets to all the professional sports teams in their city. Workouts at the health club to stay slim and trim; dinners out at expensive restaurants.
“We have been blessed,” they said. “God has been so good to us.”
“God has answered all our prayers.”
“Our baby is going to need our church’s help to grow up in faith.”
“I totally agree.”
“I see a problem with our independent lifestyle and raising the baby,” one said.
“I see the need for things to change now that we have a baby,” the other said.
“Raising this baby would mean we would have to grow up, and give up our self-indulgent lifestyle.”
“You’re right. This baby needs mature parents who will love him with all their hearts.”
“Raising this baby would mean that we would have to put a priority on parenting and let the other things be less important. We’d have to change and put the children first.”
“That’s the sort of parents our baby needs, honey. I totally agree.”
“We’re so active in our church … leaders in so many ministries.”
“So much of God’s work depends upon us.”
“We would have to cut back on our church activities and put the baby first.”
“But we gain so much enjoyment out of what we do for the Lord! How can we give any of it up?” They looked at their calendars, and they were sad, for they were exceedingly busy.
“I know what we should do. We’ll go see the pastor.”
“Honey, I totally agree. Our pastor is so smart, so mature, and knows all about raising kids and being responsible.”
“Exactly. Our pastor will be able to help us with this challenge of fulfilling our ministry and caring for our baby.”
They bundled up the baby and got in the Porsche. They looked with love upon the baby
the whole trip to the church. “You are so beautiful,” they cooed. They left the baby on the
pastor’s door step, rang the doorbell and sped away.
The pastor opened the door and saw the baby. “Another one!” the pastor thought, picking up the baby. “You are so beautiful!” the pastor told the baby, carrying him through the door into the church. Through the door one could hear all the other babies crying.

Reflection Questions: Is your church a spiritual orphanage? Why or why not?
Who in your church … besides the paid staff … are intentionally parenting baby Christians?
Were you abandoned by your spiritual parents?







New Hope Church – (formerly part of three-point charge, now alone)
O Obadiah Wilson

P Phoebe Sage: SP – Orange gumboots: Danger and emergency. Emergency action is required. Safety is a prime concern
Q Quick Gardner: SP – Brown brogues: Involves practically and pragmatism. Do what is sensible and what is practical. Figure it out as you go using initiative, practical behavior, and flexibility. Almost the opposite of the formality navy formal shoes.
R Rachel Gardner: NF – Pink slippers: Suggest care, compassion, and attention to human feelings and sensitivities.

S Shelby Daniels

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