April Homework – Week 1

Homework – April Week 1
__ General Editing.
__ Recast as an email followed by discussion.
__ Expand on items.
__ Include church discussion.

Please join me in making disciples:
F is for following.
F is for fishing … learning how to fish.
F is for fellowship … gathering people together to love one another.
I … is for Interesting. What do people find interesting?
I … is for Ideas. The best ideas from directly from Jesus. The letters in red.
I … is for Instructions. Our task is to obey the instructions, the commands of Jesus, and teach them to others.


Email Quote

Bible Reading
Jesus then said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:31-32

Members of Jump Groups set a goal to read 28+ chapters of the Bible each week, an average of 4 per day. (At first this simple goal will seem impossible to achieve.) Most groups choose a book of the Bible and attempt to read it at this pace. The goal is to read these chapters every week – some weeks you might read less, but read the same chapters over and over again. Groups of 2-4 persons stay with the same book of the Bible until everyone has completed the reading. In one week with this plan you can read Matthew once (28 chapters) or Colossians 7 times (4 chapters).

This method of reading the same section of Scripture over and over has several advantages. First, you can read it like a newspaper – read over it all, but you don’t need to concentrate on every word. Second, by reading the same chapters over and over you will eventually memorize them without any significant effort. Third, your familiarity over multiple readings will result in sudden insights as God opens up deeper meanings and connects the various ideas together. Fourth, you are building a good habit of reading God’s word regularly.

Some people don’t enjoy reading, so even one chapter a day is a challenge for them. Yet even one chapter read daily until it is familiar can make a tremendous difference in our spiritual life. Don’t worry about it . . . just do it!

And as your pastor, I am always available to partners to answer questions about a Bible passage and its meaning. Just ask – but you’ll be surprised how much you learn in several weeks of reading.








Antioch Chapel – (Open country rural; pastored by a lay speaker.)
B Bob Sherman: SJ Management Blue Hat – Subject? Thinking? Goal? Big picture?

C Carla Chase: NF Emotions Red Hat– intuitive, instinctive, emotional feeling

E Eden Sherman: SJ Navy formal shoes: Routines and formal procedures

F Faith Kelley

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