February Homework – Week 4

Homework – February Week 4
__ General Editing.
__ Recast as an email followed by discussion.
__ Expand on items.
__ Include church discussion.

Reading #3: What is the potential of lay driven evangelism? T4T.

Please join me in making disciples:
F is for following.
F is for fishing … learning how to fish.
F is for fellowship … gathering people together to love one another.

Email Quote






 Trinity Charge (Trinity, Prairie Temple, Chapel Grove); “the dreaded topic: thinking about our future” – (Three-point rural charge.)

U Uriah Cortez

V Vera Mitchell: SJ – Purple riding boots: Suggest authority. Playing out the role give by virtue of a position or authority. There is an element of leadership and command. The person is not acting in his or her own capacity but in an official role.

W Winnifred Kennedy: SJ Information White Hat – What are the facts?

X Xavier Hughes

Y Ysabella Cortez: SP – Grey sneakers: Exploration, investigation, and collection of evidence. Purpose of the action is to get information. Also, sees information challenges.

Z Zarah Clarke

8. Reading #3: What is the potential of lay driven evangelism?
T4T (Training for Trainers) is a highly successful, lay driven evangelism movement originating in Communist China from a Chinese-American Southern Baptist missionary by the name of Ying Kai. It is a part of CPM (Church Planting Movements) which became the paradigm for the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist denomination under David Garrison.

In 2000 Ying Kai began to seek God for new ways to be more effective in evangelism and starting new churches. He began with 30 lay persons; within 7 weeks they had started 20 evangelistic small groups. In seven months Ying could count 327 small groups formed with 4000 newly baptized believers. By the end of the first year the movement counted 908 new house churches with more than 12,000 newly baptized members. The following year saw 3,535 new churches formed with more than 50,000 baptisms … By the end of the second year the movement had added another 104,000 baptisms and 9000 new churches … by 2008 researchers report that nearly 2 million baptisms have taken place in less than a decade and more than 80,000 new churches had been started. And this began in Communist China, an area known for being hostile to the spread of the gospel.

One basic principle of T4T is this breakthrough: “There are two kinds of people in this world:
people who need to become disciples,
and disciples who need to be disciple makers.”

Reflection Question 8.1: Which kind are you?


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