How We Will Work Together

How We Will Work Together: Our Process
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Please join me in making disciples:
F is for following.
F is for fishing … learning how to fish.
F is for fellowship … gathering people together to love one another.

Utilize chair time pray for your neighbors for neighborhoods.

Homework developing your neighborhood map.

Science equal NCD quote. Mention four systemic problems.

The importance of partnership. So first choice is someone inside the church.

4 Cornerstones equal follow me: repent, learn how to fish Matthew 4. Great commandment + great commission equal great church.

1. Homework Assignment: My Neighborhood Map. Please complete this assignment prior to class and bring it with you to class. List the names of 3-4 persons in each corner which whom you have a conversation each week.


“For where two or three are gathered in
my name, there am I in the midst of them.”
Matthew 18:20

Something unique happens when we become partners in faith with one to three other people. We learn more, and we enjoy it more. Jesus says, literally, that He is present in a unique way when two or three people gather.

You can grow spiritually through your own private prayers, but your growth can be doubled if you meet with another, and tripled if you and your partner invest yourselves in a third and fourth person.

Spiritual partners meet together once a week at a convenient time for about an hour or less. During that time you answer the Questions honestly.

Here are some tips for choosing a spiritual partner:
1. Partners should be of the same sex – men with men and women with women.
2. A partnership of two will open up to include a third and fourth person, and then open further into 2 groups of 2 persons.
3. Partnerships are not forever – these spiritual friendships of two to four persons are very flexible, forming and reforming as seems to be meaningful. This allows meaningful spiritual friendships to develop with a variety of people and builds a spiritual network within the church.

If no one comes to mind as a partner for you, let me know and I will help you find one!

Pastor David Logan

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