Homework – January Week 2

Homework – January Week 2
__ General Editing.
__ Recast as an email followed by discussion.
__ Expand on items.
__ Include church discussion.

Please join me in making disciples:
F is for following.
F is for fishing … learning how to fish.
F is for fellowship … gathering people together to love one another.

7 My four neighborhoods: FISH. Creating My neighborhood map. Look for the “harassed and helpless.” Look for the rejoicing and the grateful.These are reasons for interaction.
9 16-Jan-2022 Homework- Week 2: I Neighborhood: Interests and Hobbies Map. New Hobby for you: Following, Fishing for People, Fellowship.

Grace Church – “the dreaded topic: thinking about our future” – urban blue collar church.
H Hiram Sanders
I Ira Foster

J Jack Bennett: SJ Discernment Black Hat – logic, caution, problems, conservative, practical, realistic.

K Kieran Rose (Kierce): NT Optimistic response Yellow Hat – logic applied to identifying benefits, seeking harmony. Sees the brighter, sunny side of situations.

L Libby Emmett: NT Creativity Green Hat – statements of provocation and investigation, seeing where a thought goes. Thinks creatively, outside the box.

M Magdalene Sanders (Leena)

4 Neighborhoods: Interests and Hobbies.

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